Biden Laughs About Christians Being Targeted In Nashville School Shooting (Video)

President Joe Biden was asked about a statement from Republican Senator Josh Hawley yesterday in which Hawley stated that the Nashville Covenant School Shooting was a targeted attack against Christians.

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The shooting, as we covered, was committed at a Christian school by a former female student that had decided to become a man. She identified as transgender.

A reporter can be quoted as asking Biden…

REPORTER: Do you believe Christians were targeted in the Nashville shooting?

BIDEN: I have no idea!

Exchange outside of White House

A second reporter then chimed in…

REPORTER: Josh Hawley believes they were! What do you say to that?

BIDEN: Well I probably don’t then! Ha ha ha ha!

Exchange outside White House

Biden actually laughed at the idea of Christians being targeted in a mass shooting. See a clip of that unbelievable moment below…

This comes as Biden has made a bevy of massive blunders in the last few days. We covered a speech in the Canadian Parliament just days ago when Biden accidentally said ‘I applaud China… I mean Canada”. He was laughed at. See a clip of that moment below…

When Biden was initially supposed to address the shooting, Fox News cut to a scary video of Biden ranting about ice cream and children in the audience. See that moment below…,

This President appears to be completely asleep at the wheel!

What do you think?


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