Biden Loses It, Can’t Stop Repeating Himself At Meeting With Ukrainian Officials (Video)

President Joe Biden embarrassed himself today while meeting with Ukrainian officials at the White House. While reading a prepared statement, Biden began to repeat himself again and again. The President can be quoted as saying, “Together with 29 other partners. Partners. Partners, partners, and their partners..”

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What is wrong with the President? It appears that he has now been reduced to repeating himself, unable to even read a statement from his notes. Remember when the media hammered Ronald Reagan during his second term for his cognitive decline? With a cognitive decline that makes Ronald Reagan’s look like absolutely nothing, the mainstream media continue to be silent on Biden’s health struggles.

Truthfully, the bias is blatantly transparent. The media attacked Reagan because he was a Republican, and refuses to attack Joe Biden because he is a Democrat. They have no commitment to truth, or facts, only to the news cycle that supports their own political beliefs.

Meanwhile, sites like Rare continue to receive backlash and threats for our transparent coverage as the President. The mainstream media, and their cohorts in the DNC, are furious that outlets like Rare would show footage of the President embarrassing himself, and our Nation.

The Democrats don’t plan to debate those highlighting Biden’s struggles, instead, they intend to lie, and attempt to censor anybody who sways from their false narrative. See Biden repeating himself over and over again in the clip below…

Total embarrassment!

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