Biden Mumbles About Climate Change, Stumbles Away From Podium After Taking No Questions (Video)

President Joe Biden and his Administration are doing their best to divert attention away from Hunter Biden’s botched plea deal in Delaware, as Biden officials continue to hammer the issue of climate change while ignoring questions about Hunter Biden.

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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre used this tactic just yesterday, beginning her press briefing by randomly talking about climate change. Jean-Pierre even stated that “Hunter Biden is a private citizen”, stating that she would not answer any questions on the controversy.

President Biden held a short speech today in which he mumbled about climate change, ignoring all questions from reporters as he shuffled and stumbled away from the podium. Biden told a strange story about playing football, saying, “Hell, when I played football, if you had a coach who, during the summer practice, didn’t provide water, you know, on a regular basis, he got in trouble!” See a clip of that moment below…

Biden took no questions from the press following this short speech, stumbling and shuffling away from the podium. See Biden walk away below…

It appears that this Administration’s plan is to bring up climate change in order to divert attention away from Hunter Biden. To quote a great film, “It’s a bold strategy, Cotton, let’s see if it pays off!”

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