Biden Appears Confused By Air Force One Staircase Upon Arrival In Utah (Video)

President Joe Biden arrived in Utah today after visiting Arizona and New Mexico over last two days. The visit to Utah is part of Biden’s trip to the the western United States. This western visit began on the same day that Biden returned to the White House from a ten day vacation in Delaware.

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Biden gave a confusing and tired speech in New Mexico yesterday, slurring and mumbling throughout the remarks. See a clip of Biden making a bizarre statement in the clip below. Biden says that he ‘hibernated in Iowa.’

See a clip of that moment below…

Upon his arrival in Utah today, President Biden seemed surprised while exiting the plane. Over the last several months, Biden has exited Air Force One from a smaller staircase in the belly of the plane. Today in Utah, Biden got to use the big stair case.

Can you believe that this man is President? See a clip of Biden seeming to be surprised by the large staircase of Air Force One in the clip below…

This visit to Utah comes as the House Oversight Committee released records of $20 Million in payments from foreign entities to the Biden Family when Joe Biden was serving as Vice President just yesterday.

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