Biden Speaks Gibberish, Embarrasses Himself At Milley Retirement Ceremony (Video)

President Joe Biden delivered remarks at General Mark Milley’s retirement ceremony today. During his speech, President Biden broke down into gibberish, unable to complete several sentences coherently.

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Biden attempted to say ‘combat infantryman,’ and instead, said something that is completely impossible to transcribe. See a clip of Biden speaking gibberish below…

Before delivering his speech, Biden could be seen shuffling up to the podium, having a pained look on his face and looking confused at the same time. See a clip of Biden shuffling up to the podium in the clip below…

For President Biden, Milley’s retirement ceremony was just yet another complete embarrassment. It seems as if our media has no interest in showing Biden’s daily struggles. Biden struggles so much so that incidents like that which occurred have become routine.

We must never become numb to the fact that Joe Biden is clearly incapable of executing the duties of the Office of President of the United States. Whether it be corruption, bribery, or outright treason that the House Republicans wish to pin on Biden and his family, no greater argument can be made against Biden than allowing him to simply be himself.

This man cannot complete a coherent struggles. He literally gets LOST walking to the podium. He has to be chased around like a toddler by Secret Service, and even gets scared when he sees people dressed up as the Easter Bunny.

This man is mentally ABSENT. He is no longer of sound mind. This is a deteriorating individual that must be removed from the highest office in the land before his senility costs the United States our future.

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