Biden Struggles Down Steps Of Air Force One, Ignores Reporters In Arizona (Video)

President Joe Biden arrived at the White House Monday morning after an extensive 10-day Delaware vacation, then immediately departed the White House once again in the afternoon.

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Biden departed Joint Base Andrews yesterday en route to Arizona. Biden is appearing in several States in the American Southwest over the next several days, and is expected to visit the Grand Canyon today.

Upon Biden’s arrival in Arizona, the President could be seen struggling to walk down the smaller staircase of Air Force One. It appeared as if Biden was worried that he would slip and fall. See a clip of our President struggling to walk down the steps of Air Force One in the clip below…

Since Biden’s return from his Delaware vacation, he has yet to speak to the press. He ignored reporters on the White House lawn during his arrival at the White House yesterday. See a clip of that moment below…

Biden also bolted from the room during the Houston Astros team visit to the White House without answering any questions from the press. Why is this President so focused on avoiding the media? Could his handlers be preventing him from speaking about Hunter Biden and his botched plea deal?

See a clip of Biden bolting from the Astros visit below…


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