Biden Struggles During Remarks Honoring Late John McCain (Video)

During his recent speech celebrating the legacy of his friend John McCain, Joe Biden, among other gaffes, could be seen struggling to recall events from earlier this year. Joe stated, “I sat down. It was in Feb, Feb— no, January, after we’d been elected. Late January, Uh, early February.

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Despite the ongoing hearings for Biden’s impeachment, Joe seems to be at his worst during every public appearance. A daily reminder of the embarrassment that he and his policies have brought to this country.

See this clip of Joe below…

In the same speech, Joe went on a rant about Donald Trump’s statement on MSNBC’s “one-sided” and “vicious coverage,” saying “…accusations of treason against a major news network because they don’t like his coverage.” I don’t know what the hell I’d say about Fox if that becomes the rule!”.

See this clip of Joe below…

The notion that Fox News is as, or even more, extreme in their biases compared to MSNBC should be easily dismissed by one fact. The top-producing and most popular reporter at Fox was fired because he voiced the thoughts of the people, which was deemed too “extreme” for Fox News. Meanwhile, MSNBC continues to employ individuals such as Rachel Maddow and Jen Psaki, who consistently regurgitate the same talking points of the left.

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