Biden Struggles To Speak During Remarks In Florida (Video)

President Joe Biden traveled to Gainesville, Florida today in order to survey the damage done by Hurricane Idalia. Biden could be seen exiting Air Force One with a look of confusion. The President once again waiter for First Lady Jill Biden to lead the way.

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See a clip of that moment below…

Once boarded on Marine One, Biden traveled to a home that had been crushed by a massive tree to deliver a speech from a podium. Biden read from his notecards for a majority of the speech, still struggling to get the words out.

See a clip of Biden struggling to read from his cards in Florida in the clip below…

During his remarks, Biden thanked Republican Senator Rick Scott for ‘cooperating’ with him during his visit. Biden also claimed during his speech that ‘no intelligent person’ could possibly deny that the Maui wildfires and Hurricane Idalia were caused by climate change. How disrespectful to the people of Florida!

See a clip of that moment below…

Total embarrassment!

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