Biden Totally Lost At Air Force Academy, Needs Directions At Every Turn (Video)

President Joe Biden made an absolutely pitiful appearance at the Air Force Academy today. Before heading to the stage area, Biden could be seen staring at reporters with his mouth hanging open.

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Secret Service, standing by his side, taps his arm. Biden then begins to walk along a line of soldiers, looking lost the entire time. This is simply scary. See a clip of that moment below…

If this President is incapable of making a simple walk to a stage along a guided path of Air Force Cadets, how could he possibly execute the duties of the Office of the President of the United States?

As Biden walks along the line of cadets, he points his finger in the direction of the stage, as if he has no idea where he is supposed to be walking.

He eventually emerges, slowly climbing the steps of the stage. Biden then stops, looking behind and once again pointing his finger towards the people gathered on the stage. After a moment of confusion, Biden walks over to the crowd. Totally lost. See a clip of that moment below…

The Denver Post reports on Biden’s appearance…

President Joe Biden will deliver the commencement address Thursday morning to the nearly 1,000 graduating cadets from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

He is the ninth sitting president to deliver the commencement address to the academy since its first graduating class in 1959. It will be Biden’s third time addressing the next generation of military officers to come from the Air Force Academy. He gave two commencement speeches there as vice president.

This time, Biden’s speech comes as the future of the U.S. Space Force headquarters hangs in the air. On Wednesday, as Biden headed to Colorado Springs, the Air Force announced it would permanently base four more Space Force missions there. More than 20 of the military’s space missions are now based in Colorado Springs, according to the Associated Press.

It is beyond time to invoke the 25th Amendment!

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