Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Fails To Mention Transportation As Priority Of Department (Video)

The Department of Transportation under Secretary Pete Buttigieg is focused on five things. According to his statements in a recent interview, those five things are safety, economic development, equity, climate, and innovation…. Not transportation.

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Perhaps this is why millions of Americans continued to be plagued with cancellations and delays at airports across the Country. While flights delay and passengers are stranded, Buttigieg and the Department of Transportation are focused on equity. What a ridiculous joke!

“To be brief, we have five major priorities at the Department of Transportation… Safety, which is the reason the DOT exists, economic development, equity, climate, and innovation, and I always have a bit of an asterisk on the fifth, actually, because innovation is the one out of those five that is not a goal in itself. It exists only in the furtherance of the other four. In other words, our approach on innovation is we care about it to the extent that it helps us with safety, economic growth, climate, and equity.”

Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg

What in the world is he talking about? See a clip of this rambling statement below…

Remember that Pete told us just a few days ago that he is ‘completely absorbed’ by the day job of being the Secretary of Transportation. See a clip of that moment below…

Buttigieg was a failed candidate for President. The only person that you may be able to claim that did worse than Buttigieg was Kamala Harris!

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