Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg: “Not Planning On Switching The Family Minivan To A Flying Car Anytime Soon” (Video)

While millions of Americans continue to face rampant travel delays, Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg seems to have his head in the clouds. Buttigieg used a recent media appearance to talk about flying cars. Yes, flying cars.

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It is comforting to know that the Biden Administration is focused on the issues that actually matter. What exactly qualifies Pete Buttigieg to be Transportation Secretary? It surely seems that he is over his head. See a clip of Buttigieg discussing flying cars below…

Why don’t we get the planes working first before we start worrying about flying cars! Seriously, how ridiculous is it that air traffic is such a disaster in the year 2023.

People in the 1960s who first experienced air travel most likely shared dreams of an upgraded experience in the future. Boy were they wrong. The government has interjected themselves and all but Nationalized our airlines.

The result is a broken system that causes the average American nothing but stress, aggravation, and inconvenience. Here’s an idea… Get the government out of our air travel. Stop their stranglehold on the American people, and make it easier for Americans to travel.

People who are forced to travel for work have dealt with more problems under Pete Buttigieg’s Department of Transportation then any other Administration in recent memory. Air travel has become an unmitigated disaster.

How much would upgraded air travel benefit the American people? Why is this issue, which affects millions of Americans daily, never addressed by our government? It highlights the fact that nobody in this Administration has any intention of improving the quality of life for the average American, only making our lives more difficult.

What do you think?

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