Biden: “We’re Focused On Securing The Border” (Video)

President Joe Biden looked absolutely lost during remarks today at the White House. When he attempted to describe a new website created for his cabinet, Biden had to defer to a staffer to explain.

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He mumbled through a nonsensical answer, barely even speaking words by the time he finished. See a clip of that moment below…

Then came the most hypocritical and ludicrous statement that Biden has possibly uttered during his entire Presidency. Biden claimed that his Administration is focused on “securing the Border”… Keep in mind, over 6 million illegals have entered the Nation since Biden took office in January of 2021.

Biden also claims to be fighting the “climate crisis”, and “protecting the fundamental rights of Americans”. Keep in mind, this Administration repeatedly has lobbied for unconstitutional gun bans. They only care about the rights that they want you to have. See a clip of Biden lying about the border below…

This Administration has allowed for no less than a siege at our Southern Border since Biden was sworn into office. Even his own Border Patrol has testified in Congress that the Border is wide open.

Fact is that Biden continues to deteriorate in front of our eyes every single time he appears on camera. He is getting worse by the day.

Biden’s open-border policies have allowed for the infiltration of our Nation. Infiltration by dangerous criminals who will end up killing millions of Americans with violence and drugs.

Republicans have little room to talk on the issue, considering they achieved nothing for themselves or the border during their dismal negotiations on the debt limit. The Republicans got taken to the cleaners, despite passing a bill to raise the debt ceiling months ago.

What do you think?

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