Bob Woodward presses Trump on just how far he’s willing to go to pay for the Mexico wall Screenshot/MSNBC

GOP front-runner Donald Trump called into MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Wednesday, where he was pressed on his claims that he’ll get Mexico to pay for a wall to keep immigrants out.

Journalist Bob Woodward asked Trump, repeatedly, how he plans to build it.

“I want to ask about the wall you’re going to get Mexico to build,” Woodward said. “A number of my colleagues say you haven’t answered the question how you’re going to do that, and you know from business somebody can have a good idea, but how are they going to do it? Can you give us some idea?”

Trump responded with his frequent responses about the wall, which will cost billions.

Woodward continued pushing. “They’re a sovereign nation,” he told Trump. “How do you convince a sovereign nation that says they don’t want to pay, to pay?

Trump replied with more of his stump speech, noting there are “so many different ways” to get Mexico to pay for it, leading Woodward to ask once again.

“I’m sorry to press on this,” Woodward said, “but how would you grab [Mexico’s] money? If they say ‘No,’ would you be willing to go to war to pay for this wall?”

That’s when Trump fired back with a promise: “trust me, when I rejuvenate our military, Mexico won’t be ‘playing’ war with us — that I can tell you.”

Trump added that he’s polling well with Hispanics so he doesn’t have problems in the Mexican community. But, the exchange ended when host Joe Scarborough went to break.

Online reactions to the exchange were mixed.

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