Caitlyn Jenner thinks the GOP needs to be educated on this hot-button issue Facebook/The New York Times

Caitlyn Jenner is opening up on the topic of transgender rights.

During a Facebook Live interview with Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times on Tuesday, Jenner distanced herself from Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s comments about laws blocking transgender people from using the restrooms of their choice. Jenner has been publicly supportive of Cruz’s campaign, but she’s starting to feel differently.

Jenner said, “It’s a very difficult thing for a lot of people to understand.” She noted that some young people who are struggling with gender identity have taken their own lives, saying, “That’s where the real issue is.”

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The registered Republican said that members of her party “certainly need more education” on transgender issues. “The Democrats are certainly better on these issues, but I’m not a one-issue voter,” she added.

“I think we just need to make some changes and get back to our constitution,” Jenner said.

Jenner said her party is just “not as good” when it comes to gender, noting, “They just need to be educated on it. They’re really putting kids at risk.”

Jenner went on to say that Cruz has been disappointing her lately on the issues. Last week, Cruz released an ad taking aim at Donald Trump’s supportive stance on allowing transgender people to use the restroom they deem “appropriate.” Critics have called the ad transphobic.

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Regarding what restroom she will use if she finds herself having to use a bathroom in a state with a strict transgender law, Jenner didn’t mince words.

She said if she were in North Carolina right now, she’d “just walk right into the ladies’ room.” She said she has not used a men’s room in over a year.

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