CEO of CNN Chris Licht FIRED After Trump Townhall Trap Backfires

After CNN attempted to ‘get one over’ on former President of the United States Donald Trump by hosting a skewed and biased town hall with rabid liberal reporters as the moderator, CNN CEO Chris Licht has been fired.

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You could see it in the eyes of the reporters working the town hall. The disdain in their voices, the veiled anger that ever-so-slightly oozed out of their skin as Trump dominated the stage and their reporters.

The town hall, designed in every way to be a trap for the former President, actually boosted his poll numbers.

Daily Mail reports on the firing of CNN CEO Christ Licht…

A desperate and ‘devastated’ Chris Licht tried to cling on to his position as CEO of CNN over the weekend after a scathing article in The Atlantic all but sealed his fate, according to network staffers. 

Licht’s departure from the network was announced today by David Zaslav, the CEO of CNN’s parent company Warner Bros. Discovery. 

He had been brought on last May to overhaul the network, cleanse it of its left-wing bias and boost ratings. 

In just 13 months, he orchestrated a series of anchor mishaps and masterminded disastrous town hall with Donald Trump which boosted viewer numbers momentarily but made a laughing stock of the network. 

Over the weekend, The Atlantic profile – which he enthusiastically participated in – spelled out his failings and his ouster became inevitable. 

CNN sources tell that Licht was devastated. 

‘He knew that he was now on the chopping block,’ one said.

n what now appears to have been a last ditch effort to win back trust, he apologized on Monday morning’s editorial call. 

Brian Stelter, CNN’s former media correspondent who was fired by Licht, said the remarks shocked executives who knew he was on his way out.

Chris, you’re fired!

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