Colbert Stumps Kamala Harris With Question About Her Vice Presidential Duties (Video)

Vice President Kamala Harris recently appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert for an interview. Colbert hardly pressed Harris in any way.

We reported yesterday that Harris wagged her finger at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over a questionnaire about Ukraine. See a clip of that moment below…

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

We also reported on protestors gathering outside the venue and heckling Harris as she left. Protestors chanted ‘lock her up’.

Though Colbert soft-balled the interview, he did stump Harris with one question. It should have been an extremely easy question for Harris, but she failed to give a coherent response. He asked her to describe her duties as Vice President.

She compared the job to the TV show ‘VEEP’. Fox News reports

Harris began her exchange with Colbert on Wednesday by acknowledging her life as VP is similar to what’s depicted on the HBO comedy “Veep.”

“I know you love ‘Veep,’” Harris pointed with her finger at Colbert. 

“I do! I love ‘Veep.’ Is it accurate?” Colbert jokingly asked. 

There are bits of it that are actually quite accurate,” Harris grinned before sharing an anecdote about how one of her staffers accidently filled her office with smoke by lighting the fireplace without opening the flue. 

After Harris shared that she had recently met “Veep” star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the CBS host continued the conversation about how she and the fictional VP can relate. 

“One of the themes of the show is that her character, Selina Meyer, is frustrated by the sometimes vague duties of the role. It’s a high constitutional office but does not describe what you’re supposed to be doing. Does that ring true? Like, what’s the actual role on a daily basis as you have found it?” Colbert asked.

See a clip of that moment below…

This comes as businessman Kevin O’Leary and others have been criticizing the Biden Administration’s response to the Silicon Valley Bank collapse. Read our article about that statement from O’Leary.

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