Confused Biden Says Nancy Pelosi “Helped Rescue the Economy in the Great Depression” (Video)

A confused Joe Biden appeared at the ‘Emily’s List Gala’ a few weeks ago to celebrate former Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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We covered Biden celebrating Pelosi at the time, even showing Nancy giving Joe directions on what to say to the crowd. Biden then said “If you haven’t noticed, I do whatever she tells me”. See a clip of that moment below…

We now want to show a clip in which a confused Joe Biden claims that Pelosi “helped rescue the economy in the Great Depression”. Pelosi was not born until 1940. The Great Depression ended in 1939. Has Biden completely lost his mind?

See a clip of that moment below…

Why didn’t Joe Biden take the time to mention Nancy Pelosi’s alleged insider trading? Her husband has made over $140 Million trading stocks while Pelosi has served in Congress.

The Hill reports on Biden’s appearance at this Gala….

“She’s been a steadfast defender of women’s rights,” he added. He called Pelosi onto the stage and the two clasped hands and declared “We are EMILY!” in unison while raising their hands over their heads.

Biden thanked Vice President Harris for her work on abortion rights, noting that she is “leading on this issue” from the White House. Harris spoke at the gala earlier on Tuesday, before the president arrived.

The White House had called a lid for the day earlier on Tuesday, indicating there would be no more public events. But, it then lifted the lid for the president to attend the gala.

EMILY’s List has announced they will target 23 House Republicans over their positions on abortion rights ahead of the 2024 elections, in the aftermath of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade last year.

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