Democrat NYC Mayor Adams Slams Biden Over Border Crisis

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Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams has officially acknowledged the crisis on our Southern Border. Adams made an official visit to the Southern Border in El Paso, Texas on January 15th.

In a post about the visit made to the Mayor’s Twitter account, Adams directly calls out the lack of federal response to the Border crisis, stating “Mayors like @OscarLeeser and I are on the front lines and we need federal support.”

This visit comes days after Adams submitted an emergency aid request to the State of New York in order to address the increasing number of migrants pouring into New York City.

Mayor Adams estimates that the total cost of the roughly 3,100 migrants entering New York City every week will cost the taxpayers upwards of $2 Billion in 2023 alone.

In the request, Adams admits that New York City has taken in over 40,000 ‘asylum seekers’ since Spring of 2022.

Since last spring, the city has stepped up to welcome approximately 40,000 asylum seekers, providing them with shelter, food, and connections to a host of resources. We have opened 74 emergency shelters and four humanitarian relief centers at breakneck speed, and done this almost entirely on our own.

Later on in the statement, Adams directly states that New York City is “at a breaking point” and will no longer be able to shelter migrants without aid in the very near future.

We are at our breaking point. Based off our projections, we anticipate being unable to continue sheltering arriving asylum seekers on our own and have submitted an emergency mutual aid request to the State of New York beginning this weekend. This type of request, reserved only for dire emergencies, asks the state for support to shelter arriving asylum seekers as the city faces an immediate need for additional capacity. Our initial request is for shelter to accommodate 500 asylum seekers, but, as New York City continues to see numbers balloon, this estimate will increase as well.

In 2022, over 2.76 million migrants crossed the United States’ Southern Border. This staggering number broke a previous record that was set during the final year of the Obama Administration in 2016.

Adams could be heard on CNN back in September of 2022 claiming that migrants should “still come” to New York City.

Just one month later, Adams issued a ‘State of Emergency’ over the influx of migrants showing up to New York City.

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  1. who put the bug in adams’s ear to knock biden publicly? new york has been getting illegals for years because they are a sanctuary city. now they need money? give me a break.

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