Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff Announces Campaign For U.S. Senate

California Democrat Representative Adam Schiff announced his campaign for U.S. Senate in today. Schiff will be running in the 2024 Election.

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This news comes just one day after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy officially rejected Schiff’s re-appointment to the House Intelligence Committee.

The seat currently belongs to Democrat Dianne Feinstein, who is currently 89 years old and has served in the Senate since 1982, over 30 years.

Feinstein has not publicly claimed whether she is running for re-election in 2024. She does have an open campaign account for ‘Feinstein 2024’, and has been accepting donations since her last re-election in 2018.

In a video posted to Schiff’s Twitter account, Schiff attacked members of the Republican Party, referring to them as ‘MAGA extremists’.

Schiff was the Democrat who led impeachment efforts against former President Donald Trump in the Democrat House of Representatives that was run by former Speaker Nancy Pelosi from 2018-2022.

The video posted to Schiff’s Twitter can be seen below..

Former Secret Service agents have also publicly stated that Schiff was rabid in pushing the Russian collusion narrative.

In every way, Adam Schiff worked with Nancy Pelosi in order to undermine the rule of law, and attack their political enemy in Donald Trump.

Could this move to the Senate signal that Republican leadership in the House of Representatives is here to stay?

Schiff is a top ranking Democrat. If he sees no future in the House, it must surely mean that Democrats believe that Republican leadership is here to stay.

A potential Feinstein v Schiff matchup for Senate stands to become a bitter fight between two members of the elitist California political class.

My prediction is that Feinstein will fall in line, and endorse Schiff.

What do you think?

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