Donald Trump likely won’t like what one hardware store’s sign had to say about his wives

Facebook/Adam Lash

A Vermont hardware store called Woodstock Home & Hardware has put up a couple of signs recently that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump will likely not enjoy.

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One sign mentioned Trump’s wives and both signs focused on immigration.

Woodstock Home & Hardware/Facebook
Woodstock Home & Hardware/Facebook

“Trump’s wives were immigrants — proving again they’ll do jobs Americans won’t,” the sign read.

Below is a zoomed out view of the sign.

Adam Lash/Facebook
Adam Lash/Facebook

In the comments under the photo, one person shared a picture of a previous version of the hardware store’s sign.

Kathy Frazer/Facebook
Kathy Frazer/Facebook

The Donald Trump campaign has been a bit of an adventure lately. From the “Freedom Girls” rally introduction to the “Enjoy your burger, racist” shouting incident at a New Hampshire diner, things have been far from dull.

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