On the O’Reilly Factor Wednesday night, host Bill O’Reilly asked Donald Trump to discuss former Vice President Dick Cheney’s recent criticism of the billionaire’s call to ban all Muslims from traveling to the United States.

O’Reilly told Trump that many were saying the Republican frontrunner holds “an extremist point of view.”

Trump said, “Excuse me, extremist point of view? I was against the war in Iraq in 2003, I said don’t do it.”

“Cheney is the one that started the War in Iraq,” Trump shot back, “You talk about an extremist.”

Trump’s comments on Cheney start at the 8 minute mark:

Trump continued:

Cheney started the war in Iraq which should have never been started. Because as I said then, and I say now, you will destabilize the Middle East. Somebody calls me an extremist. I am not an extremist. I’m the opposite. I’m somebody that understands what is going on. When you look at what happened with Iraq, and the war in Iraq which should have never been started and then I’m called an extremist? I don’t think so, Bill.

Trump’s call to ban all Muslims from traveling to the U.S. is morally reprehensible. Cheney is right to denounce it. It is one of the few times I can remember agreeing with the former vice president.

But Trump does have a valid point: The 2003 war in Iraq Cheney helped start and still defends was a terrible mistake that still plagues us to this day.

The Iraq War destabilized that country and the region, empowered Iran and perhaps most pertinent to today’s foreign policy debate–it created the vacuum in which ISIS rose.

Not to mention… the Iraq War came at the expense of nearly 5,000 U.S. soldiers’ lives, a half million dead Iraqis and added trillions to our national debt. Not to mention… Cheney lied about Saddam Hussein being in cahoots with al-Qaeda to help sell the war. Not to mention.. Cheney lied about there being WMDs. “There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction,” Cheney said in 2002.

Trump now wants to ban all Muslims because some might be ISIS.

Cheney helped create ISIS.

Both are extreme.

Donald Trump makes a damn good point about Dick Cheney AP
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