Donald Trump was so fired up by a New York Times article that his lawyers were thinking of suing AP
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A representative of Donald Trump’s company is now walking back a lawyer’s suggestion that Trump may sue the New York Times following what the candidate felt was a hit piece about him.

A weekend front page story chronicled Trump’s behavior with women over the years. Trump has denied many of the claims in the story, calling it “dishonest.”

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Tuesday, the Trump Organization’s executive vice president said the Times owes Trump an apology. However, Michael Cohen said they are not likely to sue over it.

CNN reported, Monday, that a lawyer for the Trump Organization said a lawsuit was a possibility.

Cohen said it’s a “very high bar” to jump to win a suit against the paper. But, Cohen does want the paper to retract the story which includes accounts from a former girlfriend of Trump’s who says the story was “very upsetting.” Rowanne Brewer Lane said the paper told her the story would be different but she feels it was a hit piece.

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The Times is standing behind the story.

The kerfuffle over newspaper sourcing also hit The Washington Post, Monday, when Trump’s former rival, Marco Rubio, unleashed a series of tweets accusing the paper of using quotes from unnamed sources who simply made up their comments.

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