Dr. Oz Wins Senate Primary In Pennsylvania, Readies For Election Battle

Dr. Oz, famously known as the host from The Dr. Oz Show, just won the Republican primary for the Pennsylvania Senate. He is set to run against Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman this November.

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Dr. Mehmet Oz announced his run for Senate last year. He received a Trump endorsement prior to the primary.

The TV personality’s campaign announcement on Twitter said he wants to “cure what’s wrong with Washington.”

Doctor Oz and his primary Republican opponent, David McCormick, were neck and neck, with Oz winning 31.21% of the votes and McCormick winning 31.14%. The difference was less than 1,000 votes.

Dr. Oz’s win is likely indicative of successful campaigning on his part rather than solely his Trump endorsement. However, the Trump endorsement may have helped him pick up GOP voters of varying beliefs. While Republican voters leaned heavily pro-Trump prior to the last election, they’ve been leaning towards other candidates over time.

Doctor Oz announced his victory before all the votes were tallied. He made this statement after McCormick conceded:

“I received a gracious phone call from David McCormick and am tremendously grateful for his pledge of support in the fall election. We share the goal of a brighter future for Pennsylvania & America.”

Doctor Oz’s platform includes getting Pennsylvania refocused on fossil fuels, stopping illegal immigration, preserving the second amendment, pro-life stances, protecting Israel and cracking down on China. His campaign slogan is “The Right Medicine.”

Whatever you believe in, and whomever you want to vote for, make sure you vote! You can register and check your registration status at Vote.org.

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