On Tuesday Rand Paul will become the first candidate to live stream an entire day on the campaign trail Gage Skidmore

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hit the campaign trail with a presidential candidate? Typically, only staffers, maybe a few select reporters and the candidate themselves would know.

Rand Paul wants to make history.

On Tuesday, the Paul campaign says it will give an unprecedented insider’s look at what campaign life really entails for an entire day—something no other presidential candidate has ever done.

The Paul campaign’s Chief Digital Strategist Vincent Harris told Rare, “
In an effort to continue his efforts to run the most digital savvy and transparent campaign on either side of the aisle, Senator Paul will be the first Presidential candidate to live-stream an entire day on the campaign trail.”

The live stream, which will be viewable through the campaign’s Facebook and pages, will begin with Paul’s morning in Iowa and will last throughout the entire day.

The coverage will wrap up Tuesday night with Paul reacting live to the Democratic debate—the first time Hillary Clinton will have to face Bernie Sanders and the rest of her competitors.

Now that could be fun.

If you’ve “liked” the campaign’s official Facebook page, you’ll get a notification when the live stream starts.

Harris explained to Rare, “The campaign will stream every event and give unprecedented behind the scenes access to Senator Paul and what life is like on the trail in our nation’s first state to vote!”

Added Harris, “It will be the Rand Paul campaign’s version of The Truman Show or EdTV.”

Not only will the senator provide commentary for viewers throughout the day, Harris says you’ll get an unfettered look at the campaign’s daily operations—from how staffers conduct the hectic minute-to minute schedule to Paul meeting his supporters on the trail.

“We’re very excited about the ability to reach voters, especially younger voters who have come to expect this kind of digital interaction from their candidates,” said Harris.

To interact with the campaign during the live stream, use the hashtag #randlive.

You might even get your question answered by Rand Paul himself.

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