Ron Paul has endorsed the woman who wants to replace John McCain photo provided by Kelli Ward campaign

Former Texas congressman Ron Paul endorsed Kelli Ward on Monday, a physician challenging John McCain in the Arizona GOP primary for his U.S. Senate seat. The former presidential candidate and hero to many libertarians cited Ward’s “dedication to smaller government and restoring more of our personal liberties.”

Ward said in a statement “Dr. Paul is the gold standard of conservative leadership that I plan to abide by: never vote for legislation that is not expressly authorized by the Constitution.”

Paul wrote in a letter to Ward, “As a physician, you have seen first­hand how ObamaCare has reduced our liberties in just a few short years.” “During your time as state senator,” Paul continued, “you have fought to reduce the size of government and restore the liberties of Arizonans.”

“We need to elect more people into the U.S. Senate to stand alongside my son, Rand Paul,” Paul said of Ward. “Because of your dedication to smaller government and restoring more of our personal liberties, I am proud to endorse your campaign for the U.S. Senate.”

A press release from the Ward campaign states, “A May 17 Public Policy Polling survey showed only 35 percent of Arizona Republican voters approve of McCain’s job performance, an approval rating among the worst in Congress. Ward tied McCain head­-t-­head at 41%.”

Most polls show McCain ahead of Ward, but she has remained competitive. Some observers describe the race as “uncertain terrain” for the longtime senator.

Disclosure: I worked for the 2012 Ron Paul presidential campaign.

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