Sarah Palin won’t be speaking at the RNC even though she has the perfect Twitter feed for it

Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin speaks prior to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's arrival to speak during the opening session of the Western Conservative, Summit Friday, July 1, 2016, in Denver. The summit, which brings together Republicans from across the West, runs through Sunday. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Earlier this week, details of the platform for the 2016 Republican National Convention were released. For many, they signaled a push to return to long-abandoned societal norms.

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Many of the things that raised eyebrows could have come straight from a playbook written by Donald Trump supporters.

Gone is any initiative to welcome immigrants from Mexico, even though in previous years, the Republican Party acknowledged the turning tide on the subject. The New York Times summarized the platform as a “conservative platform that takes a strict, traditionalist view of the family and child rearing, bars military women from combat, describes coal as a ‘clean’ energy source and declares pornography a ‘public health crisis.’”

On Thursday, the list of 2016 RNC speakers was released. It includes many people who fall directly in line with the direction in which Hurricane Trump decided to blow the party.

Despite all these measures, which seem to appeal to the most radical of Republicans, Sarah Palin looks to be sitting on the sidelines of the 2016 convention.

When Trump secured the delegates needed for the nomination earlier this year, Palin was practically giddy with excitement.

“Thank you so much for supporting Trump and believing in this idea of being able to make America great again. We’re finally on the road to do so, but we do have to unite first. So, GOP and independents and smart Democrats—truly it is time to come together, pull together, remember that united we will stand. Our country will stand united. Divided, we’re going to fall,” Palin said at the time.

“We’ve needed a revolution, and we’ve found our revolutionary.”

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So far, Palin has remained quiet about what she will do the week of the convention. If you go to her Twitter feed, however, you can find a link to purchase a brand new shirt printed by Breitbart for the “Border Wall Construction Company.”

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