The Republican nominee for John Boehner’s House seat sounds a lot like Rand Paul AP

A candidate backed by the conservative-leaning House Freedom Caucus won the primary Tuesday for the congressional seat held by former speaker John Boehner.

With 32 percent of the vote, businessman Warren Davidson defeated state representative Tim Derickson and state senator Bill Beagle in Ohio’s 8th Congressional District GOP primary. Derickson and Beagle received 24 percent and 20 percent of the vote, respectively, according to The outlet also noted that there were 15 candidates in the race.

Davidson, who graduated from West Point and has an MBA from Notre Dame, fashions himself a fiscal conservative. On foreign policy, he’s asserted that “we cannot allow sanctuaries for jihadists,” according to his campaign website.

“We can and must destroy them without spending another $4 trillion dollars occupying and rebuilding more of the Middle East. We need leaders in Congress who can hold the administration accountable for effectively waging the wars we declare and equipping our military for victory,” he said.

Right Way Initiative, an organization that believes “anger is no substitute for ideas, substantive policies and constructive discourse,” spent more than $680,000 helping Derickson and attacking Davidson.

The special election for Boehner’s former seat will be held June 7. Corey Foister won the uncontested Democratic primary, but the district leans solidly Republican. Whoever wins in June will also have to stand for reelection in November. Boehner himself did not endorse a candidate.

In addition to the House Freedom Caucus, Davidson has been endorsed by the Senate Conservatives Fund, FreedomWorks, Citizens for Community Values, and Republican Congressman Jim Jordan, a fellow Ohioan and chairman of the Freedom Caucus.

GOP Congressman Justin Amash of Michigan, a Freedom Caucus member, tweeted his congratulations to Davidson Tuesday:

Amash was referring to Congressman Dave Brat of Virginia, who shocked the political world in 2013 by ousting the former House majority leader Eric Cantor.

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