These two women used a shipping app to deliver their absentee ballots on time Roadie

Nothing was going to stop Samantha Campbell of Atlanta, Ga., and Courtney Hampton of Jacksonville, Fla., from making sure their votes were counted in the 2016 presidential election.

After recently moving, Campbell forgot to mail in her absentee ballot in time for election deadlines. Instead of spending her morning stuck in Atlanta traffic, Campbell posted a Roadie Gig on Monday night to send her ballot to the Fulton County Registrars.

Roadie is an app that connects people who want to ship an item with drivers who are already going in the same direction. Think of it as an Uber service but for shipping.

Within a few minutes, Campbell had an offer from a driver, who successfully delivered her absentee ballot by noon on Election Tuesday.

In the 2012 presidential election, a third of voters cast ballots before Election Day with an absentee ballot or in-person during early voting, according to NBC News. In the last presidential election, early voting was much higher than the national average in some crucial battleground states.

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Hampton had a similar obstacle. She knew her work schedule would prevent her from voting in person, so she requested an absentee ballot. Hampton had planned on filling out the ballot and sending it in before her vacation in Las Vegas.

But then Hampton forgot to send in her ballot before leaving for Vegas — and in time for election deadlines.

When she returned to Jacksonville on Monday night, Hampton realized her mistake. Through a quick Google search, she found out about Roadie and posted a Gig. On Tuesday morning, a driver picked up and delivered her ballot before lunchtime.

The driver congratulated Hampton on her “social responsibility to make sure her voice was heard.”

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