This top Rand Paul donor just made a big endorsement in the presidential race

Tech entrepreneur Scott Banister has long been an ally to the liberty movement. The angel investor, IronPort founder, and PayPal board member donated $3 million to a Rand Paul supporting Super PAC, and has been a vocal supporter of the libertarian Republican.

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Now that Rand Paul is out of the presidential race, Banister has thrown his support behind Ted Cruz. Cruz is a self-described constitutional conservative who earned the endorsements of both Rand and Ron Paul in his 2012 Texas Senate race.

Cruz’s relationship with the Pauls soured somewhat during the campaign, particularly as he employed more hawkish undertones on foreign policy, and didn’t show up for Rand Paul’s recent Audit the Fed vote in the Senate.

To many Paul supporters however, Cruz seems like a logical second choice despite his imperfections. At the very least, he has stood against the U.S. pursuing regime change abroad, and demonstrated some degree of willingness to reform the NSA.

Will Banister’s #LibertariansForCruz movement take off? Time will tell as Paul’s supporters realign.

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