Officials at the Federal Emergency Management Agency want states to take climate change more seriously, and they’re wielding a pretty big stick.

Salon reports that starting next year, states must include climate change mitigation in their disaster preparedness plans or risk denial of federal funds for all preparedness efforts.

“The challenges posed by climate change, such as more intense storms, frequent heavy precipitation, heat waves, drought, extreme flooding, and higher sea levels, could significantly alter the types and magnitudes of hazards impacting states in the future,” the new guidelines read.

That might force some Republican governors to change their tune. In Florida, Gov. Rick Scott has reportedly told state officials to avoid even using the phrase “climate change.” In an appearance last week on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Sen. Ted Cruz, the Texas Republican and newly-announced presidential candidate, denied that climate change was even happening.

FEMA to states: plan for climate change or lose federal aid
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