First, he wanted a wall, now Trump wants a statue — so we made some examples for him Rare illustration

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has long touted his support for a massive wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. He believes the “beautiful wall,” as he’s called it, is necessary to keep immigration under control.

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Speaking to a crowd in Billings, Mont., Thursday, Trump joked that the wall would be named after him, but that’s not his ultimate goal. He’s got his eyes set on something else.

“It’s going to be a beautiful wall. Someday, when I’m gonzo, maybe they’ll name it after Trump,” he said. “I’d really much rather have a statue in Washington D.C. I don’t want a wall named after me, but that’s OK. I want a statue in Washington D.C.”

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Trump then joked (or, maybe he was serious) that perhaps he’d share the statue with Thomas Jefferson.

Twitter had a few laughs –and concerns– about the statue comment.

We took a stab at what a Trump statue might look like.

Trump-Lincoln Memorial
Photo: Getty/Rare
General Trump
Photo: Getty/Rare
Naked Trump
Photo: Getty/Rare

Which one is your favorite?

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