Flashback: Biden Checked Watch During Dignified Transfer Of 13 Marines Killed In Afghanistan (Video)

President Joe Biden attended a ceremony for Memorial Day at the Arlington National Cemetery yesterday. The President looked confused. His mouth was hanging open, and he seemed unaware of his surroundings. See a clip of that moment below…

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Biden released the following video to his Twitter page depicting his activities at the Arlington National Cemetery. See that video below…

While Biden portrays the image of supporting the Military on Memorial Day, at times of crisis during his Administration he has displayed the exact opposite. Biden’s Military allowed for 13 U.S. Marines to be killed by a suicide bomber. The bombing also killed hundreds of civilians.

Snipers on the ground in Kabul during the collapse of Afghanistan have testified in Congress that they had the suicide bombers responsible for this massacre in their scope ready to fire, but were told not to fire by U.S. military leaders. Read about that in the article below…

After these beautiful Marines were killed directly because of the incompetence of the Biden Administration, Joe Biden checked his watch during the dignified transfer of these heroes. See that reviling moment below…

This President may pretend to care about the Military on Memorial Day, but his actions show that he simply does not care about our men and women in uniform.

When they needed him most, our Military was stomped by Joe Biden. Just another reason why he must be removed from office!

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