Flashback: Biden Said Sending Tanks To Ukraine Would Be “WW3” in 2022 (VIDEO)

Joe Biden made an announcement last week that he is directing the transfer of 31 Abrams Tanks to Ukraine. A video clip of that statement can be seen below…

This moves comes as Germany has vowed to send multiple Leopard 2 tanks into Ukraine as well. These vehicles can be described as offensive weapons.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Back in 2022, Biden referred to tanks as offensive weapons in a speech that he delivered to the House Democrats.

In that speech, Biden clearly stated that he would not be sending tanks and planes to Ukraine. He said that doing so would be ‘World War 3’. That ominous clip can be seen below…

As Moscow has begun defense drills in Moscow in preparation for a possible attack, it seems that this conflict is escalating quickly.

Despite vowing that they would never stoke a war, Biden did exactly what he said would cause ‘World War 3’ just a year after he stated this.

This comes as reports have surfaced today that Biden is sending an additional $2.5 Billion in aid to Ukraine, adding to the already massive $100 Billion plus that the U.S. has spent so far.

Why does the United States owe our taxpayer money to Ukraine? We don’t. We have crumbling infrastructure and a broken economy on our own soil.

The last thing that we need to do is get ourselves and the world involved in some kind of massive conflict.

Despite the wish to say these events are being formed by chance, it is hard to believe that. Especially when Joe Biden has plainly admitted that sending tanks into Ukraine would start WW3.

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