Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Can’t Stop Freaking Out Over Trump 2024 (Video)

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki literally cannot stop freaking out about former President Donald Trump. It seems that every segment she creates with MSNBC has something to do with Trump. Psaki is obsessed.

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During her most recent show this Sunday, Psaki claimed that establishment Republican figures like former Attorney General William Barr are ‘Trump loyalists’. Psaki conveniently omits the fact that Barr has been one of the most outspoken anti-Trump Republicans since the 2020 Election. Barr even threatened State Attorney Generals during the 2020 Presidential Election in order to prevent investigations into the results.

William Barr is no ‘Trump loyalist’. In fact, Barr was the Attorney General for former President George W. Bush, who is notorious in his public criticism of Donald Trump.

In order to fully understand why Psaki is taking this stance, you must examine her history. Jen Psaki worked for the State Department under John Kerry. She worked with Barack Obama on both of his Presidential campaigns, and even served in the Obama White House. She is the political establishment.

Eventually, Psaki found herself working for Joe Biden… The same Joe Biden that received endorsements from hundreds of staffers that worked for former Republican President George W. Bush. What Psaki is really showing us within this segment is the allegiances that exist between the Republican and Democrat political establishment, and their uniting ideology of persecuting former President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is not a Republican. He is an American. Psaki’s attempt to paint Republican officials that attempted to cripple Trump’s America First agenda as ‘Trump loyalists’ only reveals the lengths to which our political establishment went to infiltrate and ultimately end the Trump Administration.

Psaki can cry all she wants… Trump isn’t going away anytime soon.

See a clip of Jen Psaki freaking out over President Trump once again in the clip below…

William Barr a Trump loyalist? Is that the best you got, Jen?

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