Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Panics Over America’s Rejection of Biden (Video)

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki can’t help but talk about former President Donald Trump during nearly every single segment of her show. Psaki is completely obsessed with Trump.

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One problem, Jen! Trump isn’t President. The current President is Joe Biden, your former boss, and he has destroyed Americans’ confidence in the Nation.

During a recent segment of her show, in an unbelievable twist of reality, Psaki attempted to blame falling confidence in the United States on that political witch-hunt being waged by the Biden Department of Justice against the former President.

How dishonest could you possibly be? Perhaps the American people are discouraged by seeing a doddering, lost, incompetent, foolish President mumble and stammer his way through every speech, never knowing which direction to exit the stage from.

“The last few weeks have been historic, unprecedented, and yes at times pretty alarming. Former President Donald Trump is under an avalanche of legal trouble,” Psaki said.

“The stakes for this Country could not be higher in this moment, and the question of who is leading the Country impacts every issue you care about,” Psaki continued. “I was pretty alarmed when I saw a recent poll that 37% of voters think we’re in danger of failing as a Nation,” she claimed.

Psaki then says that the ‘threat of Trump’ is hanging over “everything.” How tone-deaf could you possibly be? This borders on literal insanity!

See the clip of Jen Psaki Panicking Over Biden’s Failing Presidency Below…

If you didn’t know that Psaki wasn’t currently serving as Biden’s Press Secretary, it would be hard to tell from watching her show. She is as biased as they come!

Pathetic spin, Jen!

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