Democrat Dan Goldman Makes Another Embarrassing Excuse For Joe Biden (Video)

After whistleblowers and a business partner of Hunter’s shed light on Joe Biden’s involvement, MSNBC attempted to deflect from the grave reality of the situation.

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As one might expect from MSNBC, the network was entirely unsure of how to report on the incriminating hearing involving Devon Archer. Previously, multiple Democratic whistleblowers have risked their careers and status to unveil the Biden family’s corruption. They were shoved under the rug despite their legitimately revealing testimonies.

On Monday, Congress held a hearing featuring Devon Archer, friend and previous business partner of Hunter. Devon verified that “The big guy” used in Hunter’s communications to intimidate foreign officials is in fact Joe Biden. He also testified that Biden sat in on 20 phone calls between Hunter and his business associates, despite Joe Biden’s denying it.

After the incriminating hearing, some Democrats have altered their stance. For example, Democrat Representative Dan Goldman claimed that Joe was in on many calls though the content of the calls were strictly “about the weather.” With enough reasoning to know that such an argument will not fool anyone whatsoever, MSNBC decided to come up with a new excuse.

MSNBC Uses Death Of Biden’s Son To Dismiss Justice In Bribery Case

Jonathan Lemire on MSNBC shared as reported by Gateway Pundit: “As far as Hunter Biden goes, there’s no doubt. I mean, it’s pretty clear, even those close to the Biden family suggest that some of his behavior was pretty unseemly. That doesn’t make it illegal. And it also means we don’t know the role that then Vice President Biden may have played.

And it seems like like, no, they haven’t proven that he had anything to do with it. They haven’t proven that he profited from this at all. Yet maybe he is guilty of turning a blind eye to some of his son’s behavior.” To remind the reader, this is after Devon proved Joe Biden’s involvement in the illegal bribery dealings.

Jonathan added: “And we should put this in context. This is a time when Beau Biden, the President’s other son, was ill and then dying and then passed away. So perhaps he was not as attentive to what he should have been here.” While grieving such a loss must be painful, using the death of one’s son for political and financial gain is entirely sinister. Try again MSNBC, tell us the sky is not blue.

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