The rush to inject politics into tragedies

On Wednesday, reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward of television station WDBJ in Virginia were murdered in cold blood by a gunman. It was as shocking as it was tragic.

But in the hours that followed, before anyone knew anything…

Some liberals called for more gun control.

Some conservatives said we need to arm more citizens.

Some said it was probably Islamic terrorism.

Once it was discovered the suspect was black (his victims were white)…

Some tried to blame the Black Lives Matter movement.

Some used racially inflammatory headlines.

If you’re for gun control, private firearms ownership, anti-Muslim, anti-BlackLivesMatter or like stoking racism, you could find a way to inject your politics into this tragedy that could be spun any way imaginable. The less facts or details, the better.

Or you could be a decent human being and respectful of the victims and their families, at least until enough information is known to have an informed discussion.

Perhaps Rare Politics’ Rebekah Johansen said it best.

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Jack Hunter About the author:
Jack Hunter is the Editor of Rare Politics. Follow him on Twitter @jackhunter74.
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