The Social Security Administration thinks there are 6.5 million 112-year-olds in America

An audit of the Social Security Administration released this month by the Office of the Inspector General revealed that the SSA has failed to record the deaths of more than 6.5 million people. There are only 35 people who lived past 112 worldwide, but the SSA has 6.5 million active Social Security numbers for people 112 or older.

Obviously, something doesn’t add up.

Perhaps even more concerning, several thousand of those 6.5 million records are for people born before the Civil War.

About 3,800 of those numbers have been involved in fraudulent activity. As Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin commented, “It is incredible that the Social Security Administration in 2015 does not have the technical sophistication to ensure that people they know to be deceased are actually noted as dead.”

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