Jill Biden: The Worst Wife In The World

President Joe Biden posted a picture of himself handing Jill Biden a flower on Twitter. The post was made in celebration of First Lady Jill Biden’s birthday, June 3rd. See that tweet below…

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Jill Biden is 72 years old. Her husband President Joe Biden is 80 years old. Though 72 years old, unlike her husband, Jill Biden seems to be perfectly cognizant. Though she may not be the brightest bulb, Jill shows no signs of dementia or deterioration.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, has been unable to appear in public without making a serious gaffe since he launched his campaign back in 2019.

Just this week we saw Joe Biden take a random fall onstage at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony, blaming a nonexistent ‘sandbag’ afterwards. See a clip of that moment below…

Just moment before he fell, Biden became lost on his walk to the podium. He stopped at several points, pointing his finger and seeking direction, see a clip of that moment below…

It is evident to everybody with working eyes that Joe Biden is routinely lost. He routinely appears as if he has absolutely no idea where he is.

If anybody understands this fact, it must be Jill Biden. She has been married to Joe Biden since 1977. She, of all people, knows that Biden is not the man he once was.

Given the fact that Biden embarrasses himself on a routine basis every single time he is captured on film, we have to ask why Jill Biden is allowing this?

Having covered Biden extensively, this is one of the main questions members of the audience have about Joe Biden and his cognitive decline. They often ask, “How could Jill Biden allow this?”

How could Jill Biden be so cold as to allow her husband to embarrass himself every single day for the last 4 years? Why isn’t she stepping in, as the only member of the couple that still maintains their cognizance, to put an end to Joe Biden’s career?

If she loved her husband, or cared at all for how he will be perceived by generations to come, she would at a bare minimum work to hide Biden from public view. Unfortunately for Joe Biden, Jill seems to have no such care.

Even Hunter Biden, as corrupt as he may be, showed a sign of love towards Joe Biden when the pair traveled to Ireland. As Biden rambled at a local deli, Hunter attempted to get him to stop speaking. Joe snapped at Hunter, embarrassing him in front of reporters. Hunter shrinks into a little boy before his father. See a clip of that moment below…

If Jill Biden gave a damn about her husband, she would put a stop to the embarrassment that has been his Presidency. This is only going to get worse as time goes on.

No political scrutiny I, or anybody else can muster carries the weight of what this woman has allowed her husband to become under intense public visibility. She has allowed him to torch his legacy in the name of a few years of demented power, placing the World in grave danger.

Void of humanity, I have to believe that Jill Biden is the worst wife in the World, and maybe in human history.

I would pray that if I ever reach the age of deterioration, as Biden has, and that I am married, that my wife would have the respect for me to acknowledge when it was time to hang up the ole spurs. Jill Biden obviously doesn’t have that much respect for President Biden.

What do you think?

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  2. Whoever wrote this garbage is full of SH*T. the video I have seen clearly show a Black Sandbag right at the base of his foot right in his path.
    I suggest you go get new glasses because you really need them.

    • Then he should have known it was there and stepped over it or around it.

      And, as for Joe giving his wife a yellow rose? Wouldn’t you think he would have given her a red one? The man is not the best and brightest!

      • He’s so far gone he could be handing her a can of Tuna Fish, and not remember it two minutes later,

    • Then he should have gone around it, You Bribden supporters crack me up, How much more obvious does it have to be, that his mind is gone,

    • yellow rose colored glasses… i am SURE you were so forgiving to Trump when the General assisted him down the slippery ramp in weather, or when he tweeted the word ‘covfefe’ .
      Biden is a clown. Worse are his brain dead voters/supporters… yea, all 81 million of them

  3. I am sure Jill Biden Loves her husband very much. Yes President Biden is failing. I cried when I saw him fall over the sandbag. People in his condition can be very arguementive. I know Jill begged him not to run again.
    Like I said, sadly, Pres. Biden has probably become very arguementive and Stuborn. I love both of them very much, and I am hurting for them. Whats her name our v.p. who has absolutely done nothing. If she steps in we are F…….!

    • Will you still love them if his puppet handlers manage to involve us in a Thermo Nuclear War, where Millions are killed,

    • You are a seriously misguided idiot. Both of them are spawns of Satan. They need to have the wrath of God brought down on them in fierce judgement of their evil.

  4. I may be as simple as Ms. “Taco Jill” Biden’s lust for power.

    That said, I think it much more plausible that there is a lust to stay out of prison.
    So long as “Joe” stays in office* or runs and gets re elected he and family will continue to be immune from inditement and prosecution.
    Simple as that. The day he dies, or is quickly declared incompetent to stand trial, is when all is forgotten.

  5. I have asked my husband this many times. If I allowed him to be president in Biden’s condition so I could be first lady and let him embarrass himself in front of the whole world, does that mean love for him or notoriety for her? She is for her and her alone. She is so happy to go to international affairs with any one but her husband. Wife, mother, doctor…she is the biggest joke. But no one will be laughing when he destroys the world because of her love for herself.

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