Here’s what the first family had for Thanksgiving in the White House

Millions of American gathered on Thursday for a Thanksgiving meal with family and friends, including the first family.

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According to a White House official, here is the hearty menu that President Obama and his family enjoyed for the holiday:

Main Course

The main course consisted of

• Thyme-roasted turkey
• Honey-baked ham
• Prime rib with creamed horseradish

Side dishes: Classics

Side dishes included classics such as

• Green bean casserole
• Cornbread stuffing
• Yukon Gold mashed potatoes

Side dishes: Modern

Side dishes also include more modern meals like

• Mac and cheese
• Sweet potatoes served au gratin


Lots and lots of pie! Pie is President Obama’s favorite dessert. Six kinds were served on Thursday, a step down from the nine served last year.

The varieties of pie were

• Apple
• Banana cream
• Cherry
• Coconut
• Pecan
• Pumpkin

In an address on Thursday, the president stated that “Thanksgiving is a day for food and football, and hoping the turkey didn’t turn out too dry.”

Like many Americans, the president tuned in to watch the Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers Thanksgiving game, previously expressing support for the Bears. The game ended 17-13 in the Bears’ favor.

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