Hillary Clinton Announces Her New, Powerful Positions

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Democrat leader Hillary Clinton has a new position in the Ivy League. According to statements from both parties, Clinton is joining the distinguished Columbia University as a professor and presidential fellow.

According to her statement, Clinton accepted a professorship at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs. She also joined the Columbia World Projects program in a presidential fellowship position. She expressed optimism for her contributions to the university.

“Columbia’s commitment to educating the next generation of U.S. and global policy leaders, translating insights into impact, and helping to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges resonates personally with me,” her statement read.

“I look forward to contributing to these efforts,” Clinton added.

Columbia University was recently ranked in last place for free speech on any college campus. The annual report released by The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) placed the New York-based institution as “abysmal.”

Columbia was the only school to achieve that ranking.

The University received a 9.1 score out of a possible 100. FIRE researchers also determined that campus ration is nearly 7 liberal students for every one considered a conservative. The balance was not lost on the student on the campus.

“I feel that even as a liberal student, sometime there is no room for nuance in discussion. I think it is productive to understand why people believe what they believe and go argue that the other side is racist and dumb feels like an unintellectual exercise and this often occurs in my classes,” one Columbia student told FoxNews.

Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger referenced the distinguished political positions that Clinton has held as part of her qualifications. He also cited her work in the Senate as well as her time as the Secretary of State as important, but not the only factors, in the hire.

“Given her extraordinary talents and capacities together with her singular life experiences, Hillary Clinton is unique, and, most importantly, exceptional in what she can bring to the University’s missions of research and teaching, along with public service and engagement for the public good,” he stated.

Details were not released on her compensation.

The Clinton family has been documented by CNN of making over $153 million in appearance fees. It was also tracked by Insider that the former First Lady was pulling in $335,000 for 20-minute speeches. Though as CNBC notes, Clinton has historically been in favor of student loan forgiveness.

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