Hours before Michael Flynn resigned, Keith Olbermann handed down his assessment of what should happen to him


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Keith Olbermann, one of President Donald Trump’s most fervent critics, believes newly resigned national security adviser Michael Flynn deserves a drastic fate: Arrest.

Olbermann released his latest GQ web report “The Resistance” just hours before Flynn’s resignation Monday night sent cable news stations scrambling and ended the former general’s brief tenure in the administration.

His abrupt resignation, which came just hours after Trump senior counselor Kellyanne Conway said that Flynn enjoys the full confidence of the president, comes amid reports that the Justice Department had warned the Trump administration last month that Flynn misled administration officials regarding his communications with a Russian official and that he was potentially vulnerable to blackmail by the Russians.

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Olbermann opened his latest report by immediately dropping the hammer — and not just on Flynn:

“I call for the immediate indictment of Michael Thomas Flynn on charges of and his immediate arrest on suspicion of violation of the Logan Act. I call for his immediate suspension, suspension or dismissal as the national security adviser to the president of the United States of America. I call for the immediate investigation of whether his relationship with the Russian government is limited to activities covered by the Logan Act, or if he is acting as an agent of the Russian government or as in the past acting as a paid employee of companies affiliated with the Russian government.

I call for Senators Graham and McCain, and any remaining patriotic Americans on the Republican senatorial roster, if any there yet be, to fulfill their promise of weeks ago to immediately conduct a full, open and limitless investigation into Russian hacking during the election, into Russian coordination with the Republican presidential campaign during the election and into the contact between the Russians and the transition team between the time of the election and the time of the inauguration.

And lastly, I call for the grand jury to not only indict Flynn for his alleged violations of the Logan Act, but also for those grand jury proceedings to include the naming of at least one un-indicted co-conspirator who may have been aware of and may have colluded with Flynn’s improper conduct involving the Russian gobernament. I identify that potential un-indicted co-conspirator as Donald J. Trump.”

Olbermann believes the outline of what has reportedly been done by Flynn became “substantially more clear” over the past week. A series of reported events, including revelations that Flynn misled or lied to press secretary Sean Spicer and vice president Mike Pence, both of whom had previously issued repeated public denials on Flynn’s behalf, about speaking to a Russian official about sanctions while President Obama was still in office.

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Flynn would later indicate that he had no recollection of talking about sanctions, but that he could not be sure the topic didn’t come up. The mounting pressure apparently became too heavy for Flynn, whose resignation takes him out of the administration less than a month since the inauguration.

Olbermann received his first wish, Flynn’s resignation. Now it’s up to “any remaining patriotic Americans on the Republican senatorial roster,” as Olbermann says, to follow through with deeper investigations into the administration’s ties to Russia.

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