House Republican Maria Salazar Claims Americans ‘Owe’ Illegal Immigrants Amnesty in Davos Speech

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Florida Republican Representative Maria Salazar joined Biden Energy Czar John Kerry, FBI Director Christopher Wray, and other elites in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum on Tuesday.

During her appearance on stage, Salazar claimed that Americans ‘owe’ illegal immigrants amnesty. She referred to legalization as ‘dignity’.

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Salazar has been caught supporting illegal immigration before. Tucker Carlson sparred with Salazar back in March of 2022 over her support of a bill that would provide amnesty for tens of millions of people who entered the United States illegally.

A clip from that altercation can be seen below.

Tucker Carlson Calls Out Rep. Maria Salazar

The bill Carlson is referring to is one proposed by Salazar back in February of 2022. It is called the ‘Dignity Act’.

In a statement posted to her Congressional website, Salazar refers to the proposed legalization of millions of illegal immigrants in the ‘Dignity Act’ as part of the ‘American Dream’.

The most shallow aspect of this speech given by Salazar at the World Economic Forum is the fact that she claimed to have sympathy for people who entered our country illegally ‘because they look like me’.

Within that statement, Salazar reveals that race plays a major role in her decision-making.

Representative Salazar currently sits on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. Reports have been circulating that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is considering removing Salazar from her Committee assignments.

Salazar also serves on the House Committee on Small Business.

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