It’s time for Democrats to fire Debbie Wasserman Schultz AP

It isn’t just that she’s crashed the DNC into red ink, leaving it with $21 million less in the bank than the RNC. It isn’t just that she’s robotic and partisan even by the standards of a party chair. It isn’t just that she once accused the GOP of wanting to bring back Jim Crow.

It’s that Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the purportedly neutral head of the Democratic National Committee, has taken sides in her own party’s primary. Her partisanship has mushroomed into a determination to defend Hillary Clinton at all costs.

Thus do we have tonight’s Democratic presidential candidates debate—an opportunity for the liberal faithful to see their champions in action, relegated to a waste bin weekend slot during which everyone else is either traveling, guzzling egg nog, lining up to see Star Wars, or watching the Jets-Cowboys game. Why? Because Wasserman Schultz is already placing duct tape on the ground to show where the Clinton courtiers should stand at the upcoming coronation. DWS is totally in the tank for HRC. She’s playing Hide the Debate because she doesn’t want to give Bernie Sanders any free airtime.

It’s understandable that the Democratic Party doesn’t want its primary to degenerate into the three-ring act of the current GOP. But you don’t see Reince Priebus trying to conceal Donald Trump, enormous though that temptation must be. Instead, the Republican debates have been lengthy—often overly lengthy—primetime events that feature substantial input from each candidate. The RNC has scheduled 12 debates; the DNC has only lined up six. The job of a political party during primary season is to ensure that its voters can make the most informed choice possible, not relentlessly try to mask any threat to the establishment. (Conservatives: Imagine if the RNC tried to pull such a stunt to favor Jeb Bush! We’d be in the streets throwing Molotov cocktails.)

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Wasserman Schultz came out earlier this week and made her animus towards Sanders even more clear. From the New York Times:

A fight between the campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders and the Democratic leadership went public on Friday as the party punished the campaign over a data breach and the Sanders camp sued the party and accused it of actively trying to help Hillary Clinton.

The dispute came after members of Mr. Sanders’s data team were found to have gotten access to, searched and stored proprietary information from Mrs. Clinton’s team during a software glitch with an important voter database. The Democratic National Committee acted swiftly to deny the Sanders campaign future access to the party’s 50-state voter file, which contains information about millions of Democrats and is invaluable to campaigns on a daily basis.

The Sanders campaign quickly fired its national data director and opened an investigation. That should have been enough, but Wasserman Schultz decided to pull the plug out of the wall. Reportedly, the DNC has since backed down, but understand the severity of the punishment: those databases contain valuable and often detailed information on their own party’s voters, allowing campaigns to target their efforts. Without it, Sanders would have been flying blind.

It’s just the latest demonstration of naked pro-Hillary bias from the Democratic Party. It’s time for the drapes-measurer-in-chief to go. If Wasserman Schultz is more interested in getting Hillary elected president than leading the DNC, let her get a job at the Clinton Foundation like everyone else.

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