Still Alive Alec Baldwin Lost Work Since ‘Rust’ Shooting Because It Is All About Him

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Someone close to Alec Baldwin needs to tell the actor to sit it out for a little bit and stop talking.

The 64-year-old Baldwin continues to be one of the least self-aware actors in an industry nearly devoid of self awareness. His latest interview with CNN continues to show how out of touch he is. Baldwin took the time to make sure that everyone knows HE is the victim in the ‘Rust’ shooting that left a woman dead. A shooting that the FBI said he was responsible for but he denies.

“I got fired from another job yesterday,” he told the outlet. “There I was all set to go to a movie, jump on a plane. I’ve been talking with these guys for months and they told me yesterday we don’t want to do the film with you because of this.”

Oh, no… poor Alec Baldwin lost some work. Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins is dead. So, by comparison… maybe shut up.

The FBI forensic report that was released this week by ABC News stated the gun could not have been fired without the trigger pull. Which is obvious to most anyone with a functioning brain. The report clearly stated that the .45 Colt revolver ‘could not be made to fire without a pull of the trigger while the working internal components were intact and functional.’

Since Baldwin was holding the gun when it fired, the math was simple. For everyone but Baldwin.

“There is just this torrent of people attacking me who don’t know the facts,” he said. He then added the most obnoxious statement ever, saying that this “has taken years off my life.”

Did it end your life? Because someone in this story did die. It was not you, Alec.

Ever the stand up guy, Baldwin keeps pointing the finger at someone else. His continued scapegoat is that armorer and props manager, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed. He says that she put live ammunition in the gun and so everything after that is her fault.

It is an interesting legal argument. Does the person who loaded the gun have the same responsibility as the person who pulled the trigger. Allegedly. Allegedly pulled the trigger.

Baldwin has continued to deny he pulled the trigger, which is a modern take on the magic bullet theory.

“Baldwin is pointing the finger at others because the evidence is pointing at him,” lawyer for assistant director David Halls said.

Luke Nikas represents Baldwin and responded to the FBI report in a statement.

“The critical report is the one from the medical examiner,” the statement read. “Who concluded that this was a tragic accident.”

Ah, yes. The critical part of all of this is that it is an accident and that Baldwin is losing work.

What do you think?

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  1. Why is this not surprising? Alec Baldwin has been a nothing burger for quite some time now. But to continually say he didn’t pull the trigger is asinine. Did his finger suddenly disappear? Was it a poltergeist? All bet dollars to doughnuts his finger was on the trigger, mistake, and unless he had some sort of freak seizure- you are GUILTY as charged. And to continue blaming someone else, well, I hope you never work again. 👎🏻🤡

  2. I don’t know. I’m sure the guy has issues and he used to be very funny. But he was doing a movie and he thought that someone was doing their job so there were no bullets in the gun. It’s awful for the poor woman and her kid and her friends and family but you got to feel for this fool too, this is how he is honestly reacting and the dude has to work, he is old with a seventh baby!!

  3. I feel so bad for the person who was killed and their family and friends. Poor Alec Baldwin is lucky he isn’t locked up. So what he has lost some work, someone lost their life

  4. In our litigiousness nation, there is always the search for blame versus responsibility. Injuries -and deaths- do happen at times from terrible though inadvertent accidents. It’s very sad when someone is hurt or dies. Maybe multiple cases of human error can be involved.
    In this case, it would seem that multiple mistakes were made by several persons resulting in tragic loss of life – and serious impact on the lives of several others- family, friends, coworkers. Were these mistakes negligent, or careless, or instead, just the wrong place, wrong time series of mishaps that so terribly caused an innocent death.
    An actor -if pulling a trigger- does not anticipate live ammunition in a loaded weapon on set. But yes, Alec does no good to anyone by talking too soon about this hurtful, open wound of his colleague’s death. It’s just still too painful.

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