What the hell is wrong with Harry Reid?

Harry Reid has been elected by Nevadans four times to serve in the Senate. His support has come from Democrats, independents and, yes, even a few Republicans, in what is hardly a one-party state.

Most senators in the same situation would at least make the pretense of representing all constituents, even the wacky ones. Not Harry Reid.

In the Cliven Bundy case, which pitted life-long Nevada rancher Bundy and his armed supporters against the Bureau of Land Management, Reid didn’t just side with the Feds, he took up their cause.

When the BLM backed down from a confrontation and returned the livestock over the weekend, Reid didn’t cheer the peaceful settlement and mouth the expected platitudes about how the government and ranchers ought to “work together” to make sure things don’t get so out of hand ever again.

Instead, Reid snarled, “We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over.”

And then, just as we might have written that off as an off-the-cuff remark, Reid opened his big mouth again yesterday. He said that those “people who hold themselves out to be patriots are not. They’re nothing more than domestic terrorists.”

Just in case anyone missed that, he said, “I repeat: what happened here was domestic terrorism.”

Regardless of the legal niceties of the Bundy case, what happened here was Reid openly rooting for the federal government to crack down on his own constituents, albeit ones who have a wildly different political philosophy.

To put the shoe on the other foot, imagine the outrage if Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was openly rooting for Austin to be firebombed.

Which leads us to an important question, one that many Nevada Democrats must be asking right now: What the hell is wrong with Harry Reid?

The Bundy brouhaha is only the latest in a string of supremely embarrassing gaffes by the Senate Majority leader, from his calling people who had their insurance cancelled because of Obamacare liars to his well-documented lack of empathy for children stricken with cancer. He has also developed a habit of voting the wrong way on legislation and having to call an audible on the Senate floor.

Only a few years ago, Reid was at the top of his game. He took the reins of Democratic leadership in the Senate and his party took back Congress. He was a deft political fighter who did more than anyone else to stick Republicans with the Harriet Miers confirmation mess.

But now, something seems seriously off about the man. Democrats heading into the midterm elections should consider an intervention.

Jeremy Lott About the author:
Jeremy Lott helped found and manage four publications for the Real Clear Politics family of websites. He is the author of three books and an e-book, as well as the recognized ghostwriter of former Maryland governor Marvin Mandel’s memoirs. Follow him on Twitter @jeremylottdiary
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