Woman who claims she was raped by Bill Clinton has a tough message for Hillary AP

Nearly 38 years after she was allegedly raped by then-attorney general of Arkansas Bill Clinton, Juanita Broaddrick fired off a tough message for Hillary Clinton on Twitter:

The Hill contacted Broaddrick by phone:

“I’ve been quiet for too long, and now with the possibility of [Hillary Clinton] being the Democratic nominee and possibly president, I feel the need to get involved,” she said.

Broaddrick says she supports Donald Trump for president, particularly because he’s dared to discuss Bill Clinton’s infidelity and alleged sexual abuse of women.

For over 20 years, Broaddrick kept silent about the alleged rape, refusing to speak with reporters about the incident and even signing an affidavit saying Clinton never made sexual advances. Yet in 1999, after her lawyer son informed Broaddrick she could not lie to federal investigators, she admitted that the affidavit was false. Five sources corroborated her story, and at last, she spoke to NBC about the incident. After NBC sat on her story during the Clinton impeachment proceedings, she told her story to the Washington Post.

Clinton’s personal lawyer, David E. Kendall, denied the charges, and Clinton has never responded to the allegations.

If Broaddrick’s claims are true, what does that mean for Hillary Clinton’s race to the White House? Did Clinton try to silence a rape victim for the sake of political gain? It’s difficult to forget this tweet that Clinton fired off in November:

Forty years later, it’s time for the truth.

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