Jim Carrey sums up Democrats’ desperate reelection strategy in a minute twenty

Superlawyer Fletcher Reede has a problem. He has to try a messy divorce case in court but is suddenly not up to the job.

His son Max has made a birthday wish that the movie gods have granted. For one day, Fletcher, who usually makes a handsome living shading, fudging, dodging, and denying the truth for awful clients, simply cannot tell a lie.

In one last desperate attempt, Fletcher (played in “Liar Liar” by a much younger Jim Carrey) begs the judge for a bathroom break. In the men’s room, he hatches a desperate plot to get a continuance.

Fletcher attacks himself to buy some time. He bounces his body off of walls, rubs soap in his eyes, smashes his head with the toilet seat, tears his clothes and shakes the trash can out all over his expensive suit.

A middle aged man walks into the bathroom. Witnessing this masochistic rage, he asks, “What the hell are you doing?”

The lawyer yells, “I’m kicking my ass! Do ya mind?”

The horrified observer hurries out of the bathroom.

Me? I would have stuck around.

That’s the lesson I take from the midterm elections, anyway.

The Democrats have bruised, bloodied and embarrassed themselves to try to avoid the truth. It’s been fascinating and fun to watch Dems, for instance, refuse to acknowledge that they ever voted for Barack Obama for president or even say if they would have voted for Obamacare if they had been in Congress.

Heaven knows, Republicans are no angels. Yet the spectacular evasiveness of the Dem candidates in this election cycle has led to what some are calling the best political endorsement of all time.

For its editorial giving guidance to voters in New York’s 11th Congressional District, the New York Daily News got out the mother of all clothespins.

“In Domenic Recchia,” the Daily News wrote, “the Democrats have fielded a candidate so dumb, ill-informed, evasive and inarticulate that voting for a thuggish Republican who could wind up in a prison jumpsuit starts to make rational sense.”

That’s right, the Democrats’ nominee for the House of Representatives was so bad that the paper actually endorsed Michael Grimm.

Grimm, you’ll recall, is the Republican congressman who told a reporter he would “break you in half, like a boy” and toss him off a balcony – on air! – for bringing up Grimm’s ongoing legal troubles.

Given the choice between the “thuggish” Grimm and a Democrat who had pulled a Fletcher, the Daily News decided the ugly truth was preferable, and hopefully temporary. Especially since Grimm has promised to resign if indicted, “paving the way for a match between two fresh candidates.”

That’s the preposterous pass things have come to six years into Obama’s rule. All the spending and the lies and the incompetence have caught up with his party.

Democrats are doing their very best to avoid this truth. In the process they are kicking their own asses. Perhaps they hope that voters will take pity on them.

Jeremy Lott About the author:
Jeremy Lott helped found and manage four publications for the Real Clear Politics family of websites. He is the author of three books and an e-book, as well as the recognized ghostwriter of former Maryland governor Marvin Mandel’s memoirs. Follow him on Twitter @jeremylottdiary
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