No, we don’t need to spend more money on the military

National Review’s Kevin Williamson nails it on why the last thing fiscal conservatives should support is throwing more cash at the notoriously wasteful Pentagon:

Does the Pentagon spend its money wisely? Nobody knows — especially not the Pentagon. It has a long and inglorious history of book-cooking and accounting that alternates between the incompetent and the criminal: a half a trillion dollars in unaudited contracts here; untold sums lost to outright theft and fraud there; shocking waste; voguish nonsense like spending $150/gallon for environmentally friendly fighter-jet fuel so that we can blow stuff to smithereens and kill people in an environmentally responsible fashion, etc. […]

[G]iving our soldiers the best weapons and equipment is the right thing to do… But that doesn’t mean that everything the military does needs doing, or that the money it spends on doing what actually does need doing is well spent.

Read his full article here.

For more on why we don’t need to spend money on the military, check out Rare’s Jack Hunter on why Republicans can never reduce spending until they adopt a more sensible, less interventionist foreign policy. Or here’s yours truly on the many ways in which war is just one more big government program.

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