A reporter got mocked for his reaction to shooting an AR-15, but a 7-year-old girl had a completely different reaction NY Daily News, Youtube/Screenshot

A 7-year-old girl and a New York Daily News reporter had extremely different reactions when shooting an AR-15 for the first time.

After the Orlando shooting, Gersh Kuntzman, of the New York Daily News went to a Philadelphia shooting range to see what shooting an AR-15 would be like. He said the shooting gave him a “bruised shoulder,” and said the noise was “humbling and deafening (even with ear protection).”

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Video posted to Youtube, shows a brave little girl picking up an AR-15 and shooting the gun without a problem.

“That was pretty good,” she said.

The girl’s father originally uploaded footage to the Haus of Guns Youtube page.

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He wrote an update on the Youtube page that said,

UPDATE: In the light of many recent shares this video has seen a surprising amount of national attention. My daughter is now 10 years old, still enjoys trips to the range with me and the safe handling of firearms. We stay intuitive to her comfort level and desire to continue learning without pushing her beyond her will (think the opposite of stage mothers and honeybooboo).

Kuntzman felt differently about the experience and said, “For at least an hour after firing the gun just a few times, I was anxious and irritable.”

To each is own.

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